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A Thank You & Health Update

Thank you all so much for the condolences on my Nan’s passing. I’ve come to terms with it now and feel comforted that she is now looking down on me all the time which is something she couldn’t do while she was alive. 

Soon after finding out about her passing, I booked a plane ticket to go and visit my Mum up north because I knew she would be struggling to cope while waiting for her flight the coming Saturday. My Mum also suffers from depression and anxiety so I thought it would be best for me to go because I understand her emotions. Strangely, those few days I spent with my Mum were so much fun, I’m so glad that I went! We talked about our feelings, played Wii sports (I rock at tennis, just sayin’), watched TV together and we had cuddles as mummy and daughter should 🙂 Her partner told me that me visiting meant so much to my Mum and it really helped her. It just makes me so happy that I managed to make a difference.

When my Mum left on the plane, her partner and I were trying so hard not to cry just so that we could make it easier for Mum because it was hard enough knowing that she was going to be in transit for 28 hours. Mum messaged me from Dubai airport saying that my visit was just what she needed and that she loved me very much. I love my Mummy 🙂

I also wanted to slide in the fact that after Mum left, her partner and I went to McDonald’s and ordered a McChicken combo. Can I just say how amazingly awesome that was? I thoroughly enjoyed it yet it did nothing for my hunger so I had a carrot. Funnily enough the carrot did more for my satiety than the burger, fries and coke. Just a random piece of information there.

When I arrived home on Sunday evening, I came home to my BRAND NEW BED! To put it into perspective for you, my bed is older than I am. No wonder I’ve been having back and joint issues! I accidentally slept in this morning because it was just so comfy! Oops.

On another note, I went to the doctors today in order to get a repeat prescription for my iron tablets and anxiety pills. While I was there, we discussed my iron levels and more about my pill options. I talked about my past with the pill here which makes me very hesitant to try the pill again. The doc did offer to put me on a low dose oestrogen pill which was great, HOWEVER, it meant forking out $142 for just a 3 month supply which I could definitely not afford so I decided not to take it. I told her this today and she said she can try putting me on Mercilon which is also a low dose oestrogen pill but it usually not offered to patients due to higher risk of blood clots. Fun times for me. I’m going to give it a try and if it makes me pukey like the last one then I’m not going to even bother with the pill.

She then asked about my iron levels and was wondering that if I don’t get my period, then where is all my iron going? I’ve been suffering from low iron lately even though I’m taking high dose iron pills (which goes to show you can’t solely rely on a pill for nutrients). My hair has been falling out and I’ve been struggling to stay awake at work. My doctor wants to get to the bottom of this because I should have fine iron levels. She was throwing conditions like coeliacs disease up in the air which got me really frightened. I know wheat and I aren’t best buds (due to the fructans in wheat) but I didn’t think it would be gluten. Surely, gluten intolerance would make me very ill…not just tired. Oh well, I guess this means more blood tests. Yay? Oh, and due to recent events (figuring out what foods I can and can’t eat, dealing with anxiety, Nan’s passing) I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight since July. I’m not worried about this because I know that when everything is sorted, I will gain it back very easily but I’m just annoyed, ya know? I tried so hard to gain it and I went through a phase where I was unhappy with my thighs and what not but now that it’s gone I actually miss it. Funny that.

Questions: Have you ever been on the Mercilon contraceptive pill before?
When was the last time you had McDonald’s??? 😉 


My Trip to England: Part 3

Hello, Lovers!

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week filled with smiles, cats and nail polish. Today I am going to carry on with my England trip recaps but this one, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

On the last weekend of our trip, we went down to Faversham, Kent (the South-East England) to visit my Nan, Auntie, Uncle and Cousin. Can I just again mention how expensive train travel is in the UK?! It’s redonk!! Anyway, while we were down there, we watched the Faversham Christmas lights get turned on. It was quite something.

The town square filled with people and pretty lights.


Close up of Christmas tree and its pretty lights.


IT'S SANTAAAAAAAAAA!!! But not really...


Merry Christmas to All!

 After we saw all the Christmas lights, it was time to head back to my Grandparents place in Essex. Since it’s a long trip and I needed some entertainment, I decided to take a series of pictures of the journey home including photos of the underground trains and much much more. Get excited.

This is the high speed train that we travelled on. It went pretty fast. But due to track works, we had to play musical chairs (but with trains) and we didn't get the chance to go fast on it for too long. Boo.


The Olympics symbol at St Pancras Station.


The Underground sign for King's Cross St Pancras Station.


Waiting for the train...


Oh, there it is!


I *think* this is Fenchurch Street. Honestly, it all looks the same to me. No offence.


Pret A Manger. These were EVERYWHERE! But they do lovely filled rolls!


Fenchurch Street Station. I'll buy it!! Monopoly joke...


Putting my ticket into the tickety thing.


Our train.

 And that’s where the pictures end because we caught the taxi back from the train station because we didn’t want to walk half an hour in the dark back to my Nan and Grandad’s. The next morning, however, we woke up to see really frost on the ground! Twas a lovely sight!

Frost in the garden.


Frosty leaf! Oh, how pretty 🙂

 And then…we had to go home. Boo! 

Personal TVs on our Air New Zealand flights.


Waiting to start taxiing at Heathrow airport.


The anticipation was killing me. Or I just thought it was necessary to take a photo of myself.


If you look carefully, you can see daylight 🙂


I was being naughty because I was supposed to have my window closed. But I really did not want to miss a sight like this.


Day time!


Watching When Harry Met Sally. Don't judge. I've never seen this movie before.


Pretty, pretty clouds!

When we arrived in Hong Kong, we went straight to the business lounge because I was starving! I wasn’t feeling the plane food on the way there so I didn’t eat much. Once we got to the lounge, I ate LOTS of delicious Chinese food. How often do you get to eat authentic Chinese food in China? Riddle me that. I didn’t snap a picture ’cause, well, I was busy eating it. But I had spring rolls, noodles, noodle salad, a pork bun and some salad. My tummy was happy after that 🙂


This was my special meal because I have a lot of meal requirements. It was an omelette, I think. Pretty average actually.


Yeah, I left some of the omelette because I couldn't stomach anymore.


After a day and a half of travelling, we had finally arrived back in Auckland. Yay!


This was a sign we encountered when going through customs. Border Patrol is another one of those reality airport shows where they catch people smuggling crack and other drugs into the country. I so badly wanted to be on TV but sadly I didn't have any drugs on me. Damn.


This was my meal at the Auckland business lounge. I do believe there is some sort of lentil salad, normal salad, and more noodles. The salad kind of took over - I was desperate for something green by this point.


On my arrival at home, despite wearing compression socks, I noticed that my feet had swollen up and so I thought it would be nice to share it with you all. You're welcome.


I swear, this raccoon came and rummaged through my suitcase and...and... (Friends joke...)

 So there we have it, friends! I hope you have enjoyed my pictures. If you didn’t just tell me you did anyway 😉

Questions: Have you ever had the pleasure of trying airplane food? What are your thoughts?

My Trip to England: Part 2

Before I carry on with my England photos, I have something I need to show you.

Can you say "yummmm"?

OK, I’m still trying to get the hang of those artsy photos but I think the picture says it all. What better way to start the day than with blueberry pancakes? Maybe spooning…but that’s not edible.

Moving on.

The next time me and Dad went into London we went all over the place. We went searching for Wholefoods. I had a rough idea as to where it was (somewhere in Kensington) but that was about it. After about an hour of looking for it I was starting to get uber cranky because I was starting to get insanely hungry and I needed to urinate. The worst combination ever. Then I saw it and it was the most beautiful thing ever! Dad knows about my infatuation with weird food and he loves it too. He always picks things up and asks what they are. Classic. I bought plenty of Nakd bars (like Larabars but better, in my opinion) and some Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter. I was actually quite disappointed with this. I can’t taste the chocolate at all. Boo.

After our Wholefoods extravaganza and stopping off at Marks & Spencer to get a delicious cheese and ham baguette, we went on a mission to the Natural History Museum. I have to say, it was really awesome but hella confusing as to its layout. Sadly, a lot of the stuff in there I already learnt about at uni and other things (like birds and such) I wasn’t all that interested in but it was really cool to be able to look at dinosaur skeletons! 


I can't quite remember what this was but I have a *feeling* that it's a Neanderthal skeleton.

That, my friends, is a blue whale (although not a real blue whale) and it is rather large.

By the time we arrived back at my Nan and Grandad’s it was about 6 o’clock and they were worrying about our whereabouts. 6 o’clock is not late in my book.

A day or two after (I can’t remember the sequence of events because we did a lot of shopping at Primark and there are Primark’s everywhere so all these places seem to merge into one…) we went to Southend. Every time I go back to England with my Dad, we always go back to Southend and walk along the pier. The pier at Southend is a mile and a bit long and is apparently the longest pier in the world. You have to pay a pound to walk along it. It was incredibly spooky walking along it on a really foggy day… 

Pier at Southend...twas a bit spooky with all the fog preventing you from seeing both ends of the pier.

"Where ARE we?!"

I do apologise for this picture. It speaks for itself really.

We went for plenty of walks in the woods around where my Grandparents live. In New Zealand, we don’t have woods, we have forests so to be able to walk through woods is really quite something. I love seeing squirrels here. In New Zealand we get possums and they are NOT pretty. 

The woods.

I got some beautiful pictures of the sunset (at 4pm!!!!!!!!!!!). I must add that the sun setting at 4 and earlier is insanely weird for me. In the middle of winter at home, the earliest the sun sets is at 5:30pm. I can’t handle too much darkness!! 

M24 in the sunset...beautiful.

A stunning sunset. I've never seen one quite like this.

For dessert one night I made a berry crumble. Every night, my Grandparents have a dessert but it always involves huge amounts of flour and/or dairy (of which I cannot eat a lot of) and so I made it my mission to make a dessert that we could all enjoy. Enter: Berry crumble. 

Berry Crumble. Although it's mostly crumble (the best part, in my opinion).

And it went down very well. So well, in fact, that I made it again at Christmas and hid the leftovers so that I could eat them for breakfast the next day. Oh, I’m evil all right.

Something I found very odd was that at the garden centre up the road, they had some animals in some kind of a pen that you had to pay a pound to look at. We had nothing better to do so we went to see the animals. I must add that they looked so sad and cramped. I felt a bit sorry them. 

Sad donkies.

And then we saw… 


He just looks really pissed off to me.

I’ll leave it at that for today.

Tell me, what did you have for breakfast today?? 🙂 

My Trip to England: Part 1

Hellooooo Lovelies!

Now it’s been a very long time since I updated you but it’s always better late than never. I’m never going to apologise for neglecting my blog because it is my blog after all. You lot are just nosy buggers that read what I write…I’m very appreciative of that, by the way 🙂

I’m going to show you my England pictures in parts because, well, there are a lot of them and I don’t really want to skip any radcore photos.

Hong Kong airport at sunrise.

As the caption suggests, this is the sun rising in Hong Kong at about 7 in the morning. Since my Dad has a business lounge pass, we were able to go into a business lounge at Hong Kong airport and relax. It really made a huge difference to our flight experience especially when you’re flying from one side of the country to the other. There was plenty of free food and drink. Sadly on the way there I wasn’t all that hungry so I just took advantage of the ice cold water. 

On our first trip out in England, Dad and I went to Greenwich (pronounced Gren-itch) to go see where the meridian line is. If you are unfamiliar with what the meridian line is, it’s the line that marks zero longitude. Interesting, eh?


The Meridian Line.

Me standing on the meridian line.

It was everything I imagined it would be. Rather…liney.

Once we had had enough of Greenwich, we went to visit Lewisham which is where my Dad was actually born.

This is Lewisham Firestation. For those of you that have seen Bridget Jones' Diary you might want to think really hard about why this is significant...

The next day, Dad and I went into London itself and decided it was about time we went on the bloody London Eye. We had always avoided going on it because of all of the tourists but considering that we are tourists ourselves and that it was also going into winter and there was hardly anybody there, now was our chance.

My artsy picture of the London Eye.

Starting off on the London Eye. How exciting 😛

At the top of the London Eye.

The pretty view on the way down.

The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge.

I absolutely LOVED it! We were so lucky to have had such a clear day considering that a couple of days after that, the fog rolled in.

Dad and I then went to eat lunch in …a park that I can’t remember the name of. Can I just take this moment to say that Warburtons does the best wheat-free bread I’ve ever tried! It’s like normal bread but it’s not. Crazy! Oh, I wish more companies would be like Warburtons. 

Anyway, we went to eat our sandwiches in the park and I saw a… 




Then we went to Harrods. That was an experience! 

Guess where we went next?

I’ve always wanted to go here considering that it’s a place on the Monopoly board. I really liked it. 

Eros at Piccadilly Circus.

Even though it’s called Eros, according to the QI elves, it is not Eros. I am so confused. And here is me sitting alone underneath “Eros” eating my Hula Hoops. Ahhhh Hula Hoops. English food is the bestest.

On my lonesome. Dad was being tricksy and took the picture without me knowing it.

Question(s): On a random note, did you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year?
 If you could go anywhere in London, where would you go?