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What’s This? A “Vlog”?!

Well, well, well. It looks like my boredom got the better of me because I actually made a video blog. What?! 

Enjoy my ramblings 🙂


Home Sweet Home

Hey hey hey! 

I’m home now…sadly. I had such a great time in England (Essex more specifically) and I really didn’t want to leave. I enjoyed spending time with my family, eating great food and visiting awesome places. The flights were good but the food was questionable. It always tastes like airplane food, ya know?

I’m most likely not going to do a recap but just show you all the pretty pictures I took. After all, pictures speak a thousand words and that’s more than I can be bothered doing. But for now, I must carry on unpacking. When I got home, my room looked like this:

My suitcase just exploded, I swear!

Thankfully, it’s a bit tidier now. But I still need to find places for all my new stuff!

On another note, we had quite a big earthquake last night!  It was a 5.7 and usually I don’t freak out about earthquakes but last night I almost shat myself. I think what was really freaky about it was that it was so loud. We live near an airport so we are used to hearing roars of planes taking off so sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between wind, planes and earthquakes but it was clear that this was an earthquake when the house started to shake. It was earthquake weather outside so I really should have seen it coming. Earthquake weather is when everything is so still. You hear of people telling earthquake stories saying how still it was before the earthquake came which is what I like to call “earthquake weather”. Anyway, when it hit there was a huge jolt and I thought it was a gust of wind because I could hear roaring as well but when the house started to vibrate I could tell it was an earthquake. I thought it would have stopped at that but then the vibrating turned to swaying and the house started going to and fro. It was really scary! I just didn’t want the house to fall down. After the earthquake I had to go for a walk to calm myself down. Strangely after the earthquake had occurred, the wind picked up again. Spooky!

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Ka kite (see you later in Maori) and I will update you more soon 🙂

The plane I was on had a wing!