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Eat When Hungry, Stop When Full. Easier Said Than Done.

Bonjour, mes amis!  I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful week! My week has involved a few ups and downs. 

Not only did I pull out most of my eyelashes in my right eye due to my deadly eyelash curler (yes, it really happened and before you ask, yes it really was painful!), but my Nan is also sick and in hospital and we aren’t sure if she’s going to make it through. She’s been in and out of hospital for years but this time we just aren’t sure. I’m hoping she has at least another two years left in her so that I can visit her for one last time but her living in England while I live down the bottom of the world in New Zealand makes things very difficult. Please keep her in your thoughts 🙂

Onto a more foodie-related subject now…

These past few weeks I have been having trouble figuring out how much I am supposed to be eating. Some might think of this as an easy task. “Why don’t you just eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full?” they say. Yes, this is grand advice but it’s not for those who aren’t familiar with their body’s signals. I do feel hunger and I do feel fullness but even today around lunch time, I couldn’t distinguish between hunger and tiredness. Did I need a nap or was I tired because I was hungry? I waited a bit and alas, it was actually hunger. I knew this because I started to shake which is a sure sign that I was hungry. This happens the other way around as well. Sometimes I’m full but can’t tell whether I’m full because I’ve eaten so many vegetables or if I’m legitimately full!

It’s especially bad during the week when I’m at work. I eat breakfast before I leave to catch my bus and then after an hour or so of being at work I am absolutely starving. I have a snack of cookies that I pack but that never seems to do anything for my hunger. Lunch time rolls round and I hoover it down. Then snack time rolls around and I eat whatever I pack but it never seems to be enough. I get home and dig into my chocolate stash because I just need that sugar fix. I am taking this as a sign that I’m either a) not eating enough, b) not eating enough protein or c) all of the above.

So I am going to start by overhauling my breakfast. Typically on a work day, I go for a quick bowl of oats. I stick with the normal 1 serving but clearly this just isn’t cutting it for me. I’ve upped the ante by having 1 and a half servings of oats which tends to help keep the hunger at bay for just that little bit longer. These days I just make oats with a cup of soy milk, add blueberries and brown sugar and eat that before I run out the door. I went through a huge nut butter phase last year where I would add nuts and nut butter to my oats everyday but now I never crave anything nutty in the mornings which could be why my breakfasts aren’t holding me over as well as I would like them to.

Next is my morning snack. I tend to just grab a handful of gluten free cookies that I keep in the pantries because I love dunking them in my morning tea. However, these contain no protein whatsoever which explains why I’m wishing I had the whole box with me once I’ve finished my last one. Does anyone have any high protein cookie recipes that don’t involve protein powder? I’m not into the whole protein powder thing. I think that once I have my morning meals sorted that they will keep me going till my next meals but at the moment, they are lacking somewhat.

I’m sorry if I bored you but writing it down helps me to keep everything in order and it would be great to get some feed back on this 🙂

Now enough with the boring stuff. I will show you what I’ve been eating of late for dinner and desserts.

Fish and chips. There was plenty of tomato and tartare sauce involved.

 This might an example of where my issue with too many veggies comes into play:

In the mix: Quinoa, veggie sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots drizzled with olive oil and salt. You can also see my calcium tablet above my plate. Yum!

These are my wheat, dairy and fruit free muesli bars. Recipe for these coming soon 😉

This would be my Deconstructed Lemon "Cheesecake". Recipe for this is also coming soon 😉

Questions: Do you have trouble knowing how much food your body needs?
Do you have any high-protein protein powderless cookie recipes??

Love to you all! ❤ 



My Trip to England: Part 2

Before I carry on with my England photos, I have something I need to show you.

Can you say "yummmm"?

OK, I’m still trying to get the hang of those artsy photos but I think the picture says it all. What better way to start the day than with blueberry pancakes? Maybe spooning…but that’s not edible.

Moving on.

The next time me and Dad went into London we went all over the place. We went searching for Wholefoods. I had a rough idea as to where it was (somewhere in Kensington) but that was about it. After about an hour of looking for it I was starting to get uber cranky because I was starting to get insanely hungry and I needed to urinate. The worst combination ever. Then I saw it and it was the most beautiful thing ever! Dad knows about my infatuation with weird food and he loves it too. He always picks things up and asks what they are. Classic. I bought plenty of Nakd bars (like Larabars but better, in my opinion) and some Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter. I was actually quite disappointed with this. I can’t taste the chocolate at all. Boo.

After our Wholefoods extravaganza and stopping off at Marks & Spencer to get a delicious cheese and ham baguette, we went on a mission to the Natural History Museum. I have to say, it was really awesome but hella confusing as to its layout. Sadly, a lot of the stuff in there I already learnt about at uni and other things (like birds and such) I wasn’t all that interested in but it was really cool to be able to look at dinosaur skeletons! 


I can't quite remember what this was but I have a *feeling* that it's a Neanderthal skeleton.

That, my friends, is a blue whale (although not a real blue whale) and it is rather large.

By the time we arrived back at my Nan and Grandad’s it was about 6 o’clock and they were worrying about our whereabouts. 6 o’clock is not late in my book.

A day or two after (I can’t remember the sequence of events because we did a lot of shopping at Primark and there are Primark’s everywhere so all these places seem to merge into one…) we went to Southend. Every time I go back to England with my Dad, we always go back to Southend and walk along the pier. The pier at Southend is a mile and a bit long and is apparently the longest pier in the world. You have to pay a pound to walk along it. It was incredibly spooky walking along it on a really foggy day… 

Pier at Southend...twas a bit spooky with all the fog preventing you from seeing both ends of the pier.

"Where ARE we?!"

I do apologise for this picture. It speaks for itself really.

We went for plenty of walks in the woods around where my Grandparents live. In New Zealand, we don’t have woods, we have forests so to be able to walk through woods is really quite something. I love seeing squirrels here. In New Zealand we get possums and they are NOT pretty. 

The woods.

I got some beautiful pictures of the sunset (at 4pm!!!!!!!!!!!). I must add that the sun setting at 4 and earlier is insanely weird for me. In the middle of winter at home, the earliest the sun sets is at 5:30pm. I can’t handle too much darkness!! 

M24 in the sunset...beautiful.

A stunning sunset. I've never seen one quite like this.

For dessert one night I made a berry crumble. Every night, my Grandparents have a dessert but it always involves huge amounts of flour and/or dairy (of which I cannot eat a lot of) and so I made it my mission to make a dessert that we could all enjoy. Enter: Berry crumble. 

Berry Crumble. Although it's mostly crumble (the best part, in my opinion).

And it went down very well. So well, in fact, that I made it again at Christmas and hid the leftovers so that I could eat them for breakfast the next day. Oh, I’m evil all right.

Something I found very odd was that at the garden centre up the road, they had some animals in some kind of a pen that you had to pay a pound to look at. We had nothing better to do so we went to see the animals. I must add that they looked so sad and cramped. I felt a bit sorry them. 

Sad donkies.

And then we saw… 


He just looks really pissed off to me.

I’ll leave it at that for today.

Tell me, what did you have for breakfast today?? 🙂 

Katy Pie’s Maple Nut Muesli


I hope you have all had a fantastic week! As you can probably tell from my lack of posting, I have been very busy. My anxiety has been OK and I’m coping very well. I know I wouldn’t be able to do it without the support from all of you and my family so thank you all so much 🙂

For a while now, I’ve been looking around the shops for the perfect toasted muesli (granola, if you’re American) and they all sadly contain honey or fruit of some sort. Now due to my undertaking of the low-FODMAPs diet, I can’t have these things. It’s very annoying to have to look through ingredients on a packet again and again because of my intolerances but at the same time it’s worth it because I do not want to feel the consequences of consuming fructose and lactose later on. So basically, I gave up the search and decided to rub my hands together and make my own toasted muesli. Why not, right?

So here I give you…

Katy Pie’s Maple Nut Muesli

You will need:

  • 3 cups of wholegrain oats
  • 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds
  • 1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds
  • 1/2 cup of mixed nuts (I used roasted almonds and brazil nuts)
  • 3-4 tablespoons of chia seeds
  • 1/4 cup of coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup of maple syrup (use more if you like your muesli sweet)

Preheat your oven to 140-150°C. In a bowl mix the oats and seeds together. Leave out the nuts for now. Melt the coconut oil and maple syrup in a pot over a low heat just until the coconut oil is no longer solid and pour over the oats. Mix until all of the oats and seeds are covered with goo.

Spread the muesli mixture onto a lined baking sheet for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. After 20 minutes, add in your mixed nuts. You shouldn’t add them at the beginning because they tend to go bitter if in the oven for too long.

After 30 minutes, take the muesli out of the oven and allow it to completely cool before packing it away into an airtight container. Serve with yoghurt or eat with your hand. Enjoy!

Seriously this stuff is so yummy! I love having muesli with bran flakes, yoghurt, soy milk and a couple of strawberries. Thank goodness I can still have strawberries!

Do you like granola/toasted muesli?

Are you a fan of dried fruit? What’s your favourite?

I’m a fan of raisins and sultanas and I hate that I can’t eat them at the moment. Booo.

Breakfasts of Champions

Kia ora!  I LOVED reading about some of your weird and wacky things! If we weren’t weird and wacky then that would just make us…boring. Ew.

I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful week! My week didn’t get off on the right start but with a phone call to my Mother and a day of allowing myself rest, I’ve come through it in good spirits. Let’s just say that when one realises that one has lost one’s bus pass whilst standing at the bus stop, one gets a bit flustered and heads home to call ones mother. Then after some words exchanged, one finds said bus pass in ones handbag but not where one left it. There was a hole in the lining of one’s handbag and the bus pass sneakily slipped through it where it could not be seen. Sneaky.

Not saying that this happened to me or anything…

This week I’ve been experimenting with different breakfasts. There have been some successes and some major flops but I survived for the most part. You see, I’ve always believed that breakfast needs to be really filling, satisfying and amongst all other things quick. I don’t have all that much time in the mornings because I am high maintenance and use 50 million different moisturisers, straighten my hair and apply make up. Oh and I have to decide what I’m wearing that day. You know, the important stuff. So when it comes to breakfast, it needs to be made and eaten within half and hour.

For the past few years, that go to breakfast has always been porridge/oatmeal. It’s always been filling, satisfying, relatively quick and I knew that I couldn’t really go wrong with it so I stuck with it. More often that not I actually craved it as well. However for the past few months my oatmeal cravings have been somewhat absent. I don’t know if it’s because of my flavour combinations, the texture or both but I just can’t get excited about it anymore. Yet the thought of turning to something else has always brought along some anxiety with it because what if that something else doesn’t provide me with the same full-belly feeling that oatmeal always has? What if I ate cereal for breakfast and it didn’t hold me over? WHAT IF I HAD TO HAVE A SNACK? Oh blimey, the horror. What’s wrong with that anyway?

Well, it was time to experiment.

Here is what I have turned to:

Cornflakes, banana & soy milk.

The verdict? Delicious, simple and quick. But this didn’t hold me over for long.


Toasted muesli, bran flakes with yoghurt and soy milk alongside.

Delicious, chewy, filling and quick but the dried fruit in this doesn’t agree with me due to my fructose intolerance. I could pick it out but that takes time.



Pancakes with maple syrup, lemon juice, strawbs and yoghurt.

The How can there be anything wrong with pancakes?! They’re tasty, filling, delicious but…yes, but…they take too long to make…


Cheerios with a banana and chocolate soy milk.

These were so good! They are high in sugar so they do give me a buzz. That could be due to the chocolate soy milk but whatever. I’ve tried them with both plain and chocolate soy milk and I do like these. The only problem I have is that they take aaaaaages to go soggy. Like today, I had cheerios for brekkie poo (yes, I just said brekkie poo) and it wasn’t until I ate the VERY last cheerio that they were actually starting to go soft. #soggycerealfail

Plain oats topped with seeds, strawberries, maple syrup, milk & yoghurt.

Yeah, I did go back to oats. I was thinking that maybe if I made them on the stove that I would get into them again. You know, different textures and all. The verdict? They were aight.

Golden syrup eggy oats topped with banana, soy milk and yoghurt.

I tried the eggy oats. They were aight.

I think I’m going to go on an oatmeal break. For now, I’m going to start exploring my options. I’m thinking thick smoothies, cereal and toast will be in my breakfast future.

What is your favourite breakfast at the moment?

Do you have a favourite bowl that you eat oatmeal/cereal out of?