Giving Up Kitchen Scales?

Hey everyone!

Thank you for your awesome comments on my last post. Ugh, the Fitspiration movement just gets me so heated. It’s a disgusting movement and it makes me sad to see people following it and thinking that they’re being healthy. Oh well, it’s not my life. Not anymore.

For the past week, I’ve been housesitting for one of my brothers friends. When he asked me a month ago if I’d be interested I kind of freaked out and immediately thought, NO! But you know what? I scared myself and accepted to do it. I’ve never been flatting or relied on myself for food so I thought it would be a good little experiment for me to see how I handled it. Oh, and having a good friend to stay with me is always fun 😛

But when I got here, I realised that I had forgotten something really important…

My kitchen scales.

*Gasp* Katy, what are you doing with kitchen scales? Why do you need to be measuring your food? Just gimme a second to explain, please.

At the beginning of my recovery, I needed to start measuring food so that I didn’t use too little amounts. That was over two years ago. But because I’ve just never thought about giving them up, I just…haven’t done it.

Now that I’m all of sudden faced to eat food without measuring it first, it kind of brought about some anxiety for me. I never even thought I had a problem with this but then again I had never given myself the opportunity to face this.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t measure everything. Just things like oats, rice, cereal, etc. But to be honest, I kind of need to measure my oats and rice so that I get the right liquid to dry ratio. Or is that just an excuse? I can’t tell!

It’s been a week now without my scales and I’m not too bothered, to be honest. Like I said, at first it made me anxious but now I don’t really care. It’s all about intuitive eating right? Scales shouldn’t be determining how much our bodies needs. Serving sizes on packets should not be determining how much we should be eating. Our bodies know how much we should be eating. They will tell us when we’re hungry and they will tell us when we’re fall. Sometimes we will eat when we’re not hungry and not eat enough when we are hungry. It’s all about practice. Learning how to eat intuitively isn’t easy but it’s incredibly liberating. 

I think I need to find some space in our cupboards at home for yet another disordered measuring implement.

Have you ever struggled with giving up your measuring scales? Have you ever even struggled with this? Tips?


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  1. Why would you measure at all? Is there some kind of health related restriction? At least when I’m making something, I usually don’t use scales … Cooking is not math. It should be creative. 😀

  2. No scales ever – cold turkey! This is a great post. Loving your blog as always!! Keep fighting the good fight

  3. Very pertinent post Katy. I avoid all scales, the kitchen variety and the bathroom variety. Sometimes I use measurement cups for things I cook in water – i.e., quinoa and rice, but I cook grains in bulk and try not potion out the final cooked product based on what I assume the energy content is. Consequently I also have to avoid the nutritional labels on the back of foods! This is fine now, because basically I trust that I know enough about how my body works and the particular quirks it has – what I need to eat most of and not as much of, etc – but at the start it was SCARY!!! Going with the flow, with food and in life, is hard work – as in I need to consciously work to keep myself in the mental space in which I flourish – but it does open you up to life 🙂

  4. I had the hardest time giving up food scales, not even because of the calories, but because I was obsessed with knowing exactly how much I was eating – there was just something comforting about it. Measuring eventually became so much of a habit, that I didn’t know why I was doing it either… meal time would come, and the scale would come out automatically. It was a real pain in the butt though, and I guess I just got frustrated with it so I decided to give it up cold turkey. It was hard for the first little while, but I can honestly say that I don’t miss it in the slightest. The body knows best how much it needs, and you’re absolutely right that it’s incredibly liberating 🙂

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