Update on KatyPie

Thank you for all your supportive comments on my last post!

I realise that I haven’t written in a while but I haven’t really felt like writing lately. But I have been around on Twitter and  The Recovery Boat (check it out!).

A lot has happened since my last post.

In June, I had exams and I didn’t do as well as planned. You see, the plan was that I would do Masters next year and in order for me to get into masters, I have to get a B+ average. So of course, the first mark that I get back is a B-. I burst into tears in my supervisors office, forgetting the fact that I had had a panic attack before this exam and was extremely anxious during that I just wanted to get the hell out of there. Not the best conditions to be doing an exam under anyway.

Then my other marks came back and I got an A and a B+, which I was extremely happy about. A lot of the concepts in meteorology are really difficult to grasp so the fact that I managed my B+ average made me extremely happy, especially considering everything that I’ve been through this year so far!

I’ve quit work in order to give me more time to work on my research project. It means less money but I’m managing. Thankfully, my Dad spoils me so I don’t really need money anyway. I hate shopping for clothes (*gasp*) so all I really need money for is the bus and Burger Fuel, which I can get through StudyLink as part of my loan.

Mum seems to be back to “normal”. She came to stay on the weekend of her 50th birthday and she seems as though she has things sorted out. She’s becoming independent, confident and she now believes that the break up was the best thing that could have happened to her! Is this my mum? She never contacts me to cry anymore, which is a relief but I do miss the contact. My counsellor told me that she is still figuring out who she is so while she is finding herself, I shouldn’t expect too much from her. That’s fair enough. 

Oh, and I got my period! Yay, right? It was such a relief to say the least. My boobs are much bigger now (not boasting or anything but bye-bye A-cup!!!) hehe. 

So overall, I’m quite content at the moment. Uni is hard but that is to be expected when you’re a post-grad. Just living each day as it comes.


Just ’cause.




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  1. Congrats on getting into grad school!! This is super exciting 🙂 Am so happy that you are enjoying life and you look most amazing ❤

    • Na nossa sopa de letrinhas que são ditas – PARTIDOS passaremos a ter PTSDB, PMDB do T, PS do DEM; etc… Ou seja, os mesmo coauÃntnri£o a enrolar o povo sob novas siglas. E o DEM perde o meu voto pois no ciro gomes eu não voto.G.

    • “mehr Leben” ist aus meiner Sicht ein gutes Zeichen! Denn gerade habe ich mein treuestes Pferd mit Mageia gesattelt und würde sagen: Ein überaus vielversprechender Anfang ist gemacht und jede Menge (!) Arbeit liegt vor Euch …*zwinker*

  2. I am so happy to hear from you doing so well 🙂 So happy for you!!

  3. Yay! A very happy post 🙂
    My boobs are a B cup now! i know right?? Weird! haha
    And period, yay! you are just the sparkling image of healthy!
    Oh, and you are super smart. So be proud of that.
    Also super beautiful.
    Also I super love you.
    Also not in a lesbian way. but still 😉
    K i’m gonna stop being annoying now. Haven’t slept and it’s 6 AM here! 0_o

  4. Finally I found your blog again 😮 *make sure the link is written down to avoid this from ever happening again*

    I see that it’s been a while since you wrote this post, so I just want to say that I love you and believe in you. You’ve come so far and continue to be an inspiration for me. The situation with your grades were challenging to handle, but you found the strength to battle on and not let it affect your recovery process. That is amazing! We do tend to forget everything else that require our time and energy, don’t we? You’ve dealt with a lot of difficult things while trying to keep up with the academics, and should be proud of yourself for managing to get as good marks as you did.

    Be kind with yourself and know that you are loved ❤

    ps : I want to say hasta la vista to a- cup :<

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