A Thank You & Health Update

Thank you all so much for the condolences on my Nan’s passing. I’ve come to terms with it now and feel comforted that she is now looking down on me all the time which is something she couldn’t do while she was alive. 

Soon after finding out about her passing, I booked a plane ticket to go and visit my Mum up north because I knew she would be struggling to cope while waiting for her flight the coming Saturday. My Mum also suffers from depression and anxiety so I thought it would be best for me to go because I understand her emotions. Strangely, those few days I spent with my Mum were so much fun, I’m so glad that I went! We talked about our feelings, played Wii sports (I rock at tennis, just sayin’), watched TV together and we had cuddles as mummy and daughter should 🙂 Her partner told me that me visiting meant so much to my Mum and it really helped her. It just makes me so happy that I managed to make a difference.

When my Mum left on the plane, her partner and I were trying so hard not to cry just so that we could make it easier for Mum because it was hard enough knowing that she was going to be in transit for 28 hours. Mum messaged me from Dubai airport saying that my visit was just what she needed and that she loved me very much. I love my Mummy 🙂

I also wanted to slide in the fact that after Mum left, her partner and I went to McDonald’s and ordered a McChicken combo. Can I just say how amazingly awesome that was? I thoroughly enjoyed it yet it did nothing for my hunger so I had a carrot. Funnily enough the carrot did more for my satiety than the burger, fries and coke. Just a random piece of information there.

When I arrived home on Sunday evening, I came home to my BRAND NEW BED! To put it into perspective for you, my bed is older than I am. No wonder I’ve been having back and joint issues! I accidentally slept in this morning because it was just so comfy! Oops.

On another note, I went to the doctors today in order to get a repeat prescription for my iron tablets and anxiety pills. While I was there, we discussed my iron levels and more about my pill options. I talked about my past with the pill here which makes me very hesitant to try the pill again. The doc did offer to put me on a low dose oestrogen pill which was great, HOWEVER, it meant forking out $142 for just a 3 month supply which I could definitely not afford so I decided not to take it. I told her this today and she said she can try putting me on Mercilon which is also a low dose oestrogen pill but it usually not offered to patients due to higher risk of blood clots. Fun times for me. I’m going to give it a try and if it makes me pukey like the last one then I’m not going to even bother with the pill.

She then asked about my iron levels and was wondering that if I don’t get my period, then where is all my iron going? I’ve been suffering from low iron lately even though I’m taking high dose iron pills (which goes to show you can’t solely rely on a pill for nutrients). My hair has been falling out and I’ve been struggling to stay awake at work. My doctor wants to get to the bottom of this because I should have fine iron levels. She was throwing conditions like coeliacs disease up in the air which got me really frightened. I know wheat and I aren’t best buds (due to the fructans in wheat) but I didn’t think it would be gluten. Surely, gluten intolerance would make me very ill…not just tired. Oh well, I guess this means more blood tests. Yay? Oh, and due to recent events (figuring out what foods I can and can’t eat, dealing with anxiety, Nan’s passing) I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight since July. I’m not worried about this because I know that when everything is sorted, I will gain it back very easily but I’m just annoyed, ya know? I tried so hard to gain it and I went through a phase where I was unhappy with my thighs and what not but now that it’s gone I actually miss it. Funny that.

Questions: Have you ever been on the Mercilon contraceptive pill before?
When was the last time you had McDonald’s??? 😉 


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  1. peacefullykeira

    Last time I had maccas… Sunday. I had a bacon and egg mcmuffin, a hashbrown, and some orange juice.

    I haven’t been on Mercilon…not that I need a BCP right now 😉

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your sad news, a terrible time for your family, I haven’t tried Mercilon or hear of it.

  3. So glad you had a nice time with your mum – death involves grief, but we can also find beauty, hope and light in these kind of situations. Using the experiences as a reminder of not take anything or anyone for granted, but make an effort to make other people know how much they mean to us 🙂 It seems like the relationship between you and your mum has developed in such a positive way – beautiful!

    Very proud of you for your attitude towards the loss of weight, Katy. Truly, you’ve inspired me a lot. It’s obvious you want health these days, and refuse to let anything stand in your way and prevent you to treat your body with love and respect. I hope you and the doc figure out what is bothering your precious body. You deserve to feel great and full of energy.

    The last time I had McD… hmm… right before Christmas. With that being said, I have been to other similar restaurants lately. It’s nice to no longer avoid opportunities to be social, just because they involve ” fast food ” – it’s completely okay to eat once in a while!

    Love you muffin! ❤

  4. I’m sorry that you’ve had so much to deal with lately. ❤ The fact that you are still taking care of yourself to the very best of your ability is a testament to how strong and resilient you are- like I've said, you are such a fighter and I'm so proud of you!

    Your mom and her partner sound amazing! I'm glad that you and your Mom could be there to support each other and also have fun, too. I'm sure your grandmother was looking down on you two and smiling. ❤

    Your health problems sound so frustrating- keep us updated, ok? That's unfortunate about the weight loss, but the fact that you want to gain the weight back and that it didn't trigger anything ED-wise shows how far you've come!!! You rock, girl- seriously.

    McDonalds! When I got my wisdom teeth out I had vanilla shakes and fries.

    Thinking of you!

  5. I’m happy you had such a beautiful time with your ma! Sounds like the best to do in that situation. My mom and I always play a lot (also Wii, and table games) when we are together. 🙂

    I can’t take the pill. I get heavy (!) depression from the hormones. Seems like my body hates estrogen. 😉 This is also a problem with soy (next to the allergy). Feed me a cup of soy milk three days in a row, and I have problems to get up in the morning because I don’t know *for what*. I’m not at all like that usually.

    Hope everything turns out with your iron and wheat issues. Never ending story, right? 😕

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