You Don’t Make Friends With Salad

Katy Pie's Salad Beast.

…or do you?

I was trying to be healthy today by eating our roast chicken leftovers in the form of a salad.

Don’t fret, my friends. This wasn’t any wussy salad. This salad was comprised of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, new potatoes, roasted kumara, stuffing, olive oil and salt and pepper. Oh and chicken. I LOOOOVE chicken. Seriously, you give me a chicken and I will devour it like Joey did with his turkey on Friends. Yeah that’s right, I get meat sweats too…


Errrrrrrgh here come the meat sweats...

Tell me, do you like to eat salad? If so, how do you like yours?


Posted on 16 January 2012, in Food, Health. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I’ve learned my lesson this week, that I should stay away from meals that are made out of salad, no matter the meat or fat added to it. All that veggies just make my stomach…ah, work really hard processing that, making me curl into a ball and almost cry because of the pain.

  2. This salad looks like one that’s nice to be friends with. 🙂

    I love chicken. Love! Chicken would definitely be in my salad!

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