My Trip to England: Part 2

Before I carry on with my England photos, I have something I need to show you.

Can you say "yummmm"?

OK, I’m still trying to get the hang of those artsy photos but I think the picture says it all. What better way to start the day than with blueberry pancakes? Maybe spooning…but that’s not edible.

Moving on.

The next time me and Dad went into London we went all over the place. We went searching for Wholefoods. I had a rough idea as to where it was (somewhere in Kensington) but that was about it. After about an hour of looking for it I was starting to get uber cranky because I was starting to get insanely hungry and I needed to urinate. The worst combination ever. Then I saw it and it was the most beautiful thing ever! Dad knows about my infatuation with weird food and he loves it too. He always picks things up and asks what they are. Classic. I bought plenty of Nakd bars (like Larabars but better, in my opinion) and some Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter. I was actually quite disappointed with this. I can’t taste the chocolate at all. Boo.

After our Wholefoods extravaganza and stopping off at Marks & Spencer to get a delicious cheese and ham baguette, we went on a mission to the Natural History Museum. I have to say, it was really awesome but hella confusing as to its layout. Sadly, a lot of the stuff in there I already learnt about at uni and other things (like birds and such) I wasn’t all that interested in but it was really cool to be able to look at dinosaur skeletons! 


I can't quite remember what this was but I have a *feeling* that it's a Neanderthal skeleton.

That, my friends, is a blue whale (although not a real blue whale) and it is rather large.

By the time we arrived back at my Nan and Grandad’s it was about 6 o’clock and they were worrying about our whereabouts. 6 o’clock is not late in my book.

A day or two after (I can’t remember the sequence of events because we did a lot of shopping at Primark and there are Primark’s everywhere so all these places seem to merge into one…) we went to Southend. Every time I go back to England with my Dad, we always go back to Southend and walk along the pier. The pier at Southend is a mile and a bit long and is apparently the longest pier in the world. You have to pay a pound to walk along it. It was incredibly spooky walking along it on a really foggy day… 

Pier at Southend...twas a bit spooky with all the fog preventing you from seeing both ends of the pier.

"Where ARE we?!"

I do apologise for this picture. It speaks for itself really.

We went for plenty of walks in the woods around where my Grandparents live. In New Zealand, we don’t have woods, we have forests so to be able to walk through woods is really quite something. I love seeing squirrels here. In New Zealand we get possums and they are NOT pretty. 

The woods.

I got some beautiful pictures of the sunset (at 4pm!!!!!!!!!!!). I must add that the sun setting at 4 and earlier is insanely weird for me. In the middle of winter at home, the earliest the sun sets is at 5:30pm. I can’t handle too much darkness!! 

M24 in the sunset...beautiful.

A stunning sunset. I've never seen one quite like this.

For dessert one night I made a berry crumble. Every night, my Grandparents have a dessert but it always involves huge amounts of flour and/or dairy (of which I cannot eat a lot of) and so I made it my mission to make a dessert that we could all enjoy. Enter: Berry crumble. 

Berry Crumble. Although it's mostly crumble (the best part, in my opinion).

And it went down very well. So well, in fact, that I made it again at Christmas and hid the leftovers so that I could eat them for breakfast the next day. Oh, I’m evil all right.

Something I found very odd was that at the garden centre up the road, they had some animals in some kind of a pen that you had to pay a pound to look at. We had nothing better to do so we went to see the animals. I must add that they looked so sad and cramped. I felt a bit sorry them. 

Sad donkies.

And then we saw… 


He just looks really pissed off to me.

I’ll leave it at that for today.

Tell me, what did you have for breakfast today?? 🙂 


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  1. I knew I should have visited whole foods, damn it.
    Your pancakes look so delicious. I still haven’t had my breakfast, waiting for people in house to wake up so I could make a smoothie :))

  2. Oh such gorgeous sunset photos! Haha. Yes, I have been quite disappointed by dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter as well… 😦
    Oh! A real reindeer. Très jealous 😛

  3. First off, I have to say that I would MUCH rather have blueberry pancakes in the morning then I would spooning with a man. I’m kind of a man in that I’m not huge into spooning. Seriously, get outta my space. Those pancakes look awesome and I kind of want some right now..I also just happened to buy blueberries today. Hmm.

    I feel bad for those animals, especially the reindeer. He should be out frolicking in the snow with Santa, not in a stinky little cage.

    For breakfast I had 2 fried eggs on toast and steamed brussel sprouts. SO GOOD.

  4. Loved to read how you described all your experiences on the trip here. Woods versus forests? Never thought about that, but it makes so much sense! 😀 (Germany has woods, too.) Great you made it to WF! I also enjoyed the dinosaurs and the fog soup, that’s something I know from here as well.

  5. so cool! I have never seen a reindeer 🙂

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