Katy Pie’s Maple Nut Muesli


I hope you have all had a fantastic week! As you can probably tell from my lack of posting, I have been very busy. My anxiety has been OK and I’m coping very well. I know I wouldn’t be able to do it without the support from all of you and my family so thank you all so much πŸ™‚

For a while now, I’ve been looking around the shops for the perfect toasted muesli (granola, if you’re American) and they all sadly contain honey or fruit of some sort. Now due to my undertaking of the low-FODMAPs diet, I can’t have these things. It’s very annoying to have to look through ingredients on a packet again and again because of my intolerances but at the same time it’s worth it because I do not want to feel the consequences of consuming fructose and lactose later on. So basically, I gave up the search and decided to rub my hands together and make my own toasted muesli. Why not, right?

So here I give you…

Katy Pie’s Maple Nut Muesli

You will need:

  • 3 cups of wholegrain oats
  • 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds
  • 1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds
  • 1/2 cup of mixed nuts (I used roasted almonds and brazil nuts)
  • 3-4 tablespoons of chia seeds
  • 1/4 cup of coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup of maple syrup (use more if you like your muesli sweet)

Preheat your oven toΒ 140-150Β°C. In a bowl mix the oats and seeds together. Leave out the nuts for now. Melt the coconut oil and maple syrup in a pot over a low heat just until the coconut oil is no longer solid and pour over the oats. Mix until all of the oats and seeds are covered with goo.

Spread the muesli mixture onto a lined baking sheet for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. After 20 minutes, add in your mixed nuts. You shouldn’t add them at the beginning because they tend to go bitter if in the oven for too long.

After 30 minutes, take the muesli out of the oven and allow it to completely cool before packing it away into an airtight container. Serve with yoghurt or eat with your hand. Enjoy!

Seriously this stuff is so yummy! I love having muesli with bran flakes, yoghurt, soy milk and a couple of strawberries. Thank goodness I can still have strawberries!

Do you like granola/toasted muesli?

Are you a fan of dried fruit? What’s your favourite?

I’m a fan of raisins and sultanas and I hate that I can’t eat them at the moment. Booo.


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  1. i’m in love with dried fruit and nuts! i eat nuts everyday . . . but i reserve the dried fruit (pineapple and cranberries) for sunday because that’s my day for branching out, eating things that i otherwise binged upon during my bulimic years! your muesli looks fab! i’m american, but i use that word because i like to be different. πŸ™‚

  2. I enjoy musli but I can only eat it in small quantities cuz raw oats irritate my stomach. But on top of oats, mixed in with cereal is just great!

    As far as dried fruits I’m really into figs and apricotes. I enjoy prunes too, but we all know what happens when one eats too many πŸ˜›

  3. Your muesli mix sounds fantastic! I adore muesli, specially ones with a lot of clusters πŸ˜€
    And dried fruits, I’m not sure I can choose a favorite! Raisins are a staple in my pantry (aka small cupboard), and dates also. But I do love apricots, cranberries, prunes, figs, mango slices…yeah. pretty much everything πŸ˜€

  4. kaliesthoughts

    sounds yummy

  5. caloricandcrazy

    I love granola and dried fruit….it tastes super good! I love craisins and blueberries in my oatmeal especially =)

  6. Hey there girl! That muesli looks UBER yum! I’ll definately have to try this! Dried fruit and muesli/granola are both ‘fear foods’ of mine, and I want to conquer those two, big time! Just want to say you’ve inspired me greatly and I’d love it if you check up on my new blog, I’m so excited to be a new blogger! Thank you for all your amazing posts.. You’ve really helped me more than you know. I’m really excited to start doing WIAW too!! X

    Lotsa gratitude and hugs.

  7. Ah, good to hear you’re coping so well! Busy busy over here as well, and I’m sorry for my absence recently. 😦

    I’m not too much of a dried fruit fan, but I like dried apple rings. My dad loves dates and dried figs. When I was a child, my mom sometimes made maccharoni with a sweet sauce from dried fruit (apricots, plums, pears, apples, peach), that was a little unusual but yummy.

  8. Hi hi hi! Just wanted to stop and say THANKYOU, you literally saved my life… ok, small exaggeration, but you definitely saved my breakfast! I’m completely lost in this FODMAP thing and I was not eating enough carbs, then I found your recipe and (lacking some ingredients) tweaked it a bit, and it’s the best thing ever.
    I have a few friends who wanted my version so I posted my variants with full credit back to you, and links to here. πŸ™‚ You can check it out here if you want: http://miss-megs.com/maple-pecan-granola-fodmap-breakfast-survival-tactic-1/
    Thanks again for the awesome recipe!

  9. Thank you for the recipe. I gave always wanted to make my own so will surely have a go. Thanks again.

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