Breakfasts of Champions

Kia ora!  I LOVED reading about some of your weird and wacky things! If we weren’t weird and wacky then that would just make us…boring. Ew.

I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful week! My week didn’t get off on the right start but with a phone call to my Mother and a day of allowing myself rest, I’ve come through it in good spirits. Let’s just say that when one realises that one has lost one’s bus pass whilst standing at the bus stop, one gets a bit flustered and heads home to call ones mother. Then after some words exchanged, one finds said bus pass in ones handbag but not where one left it. There was a hole in the lining of one’s handbag and the bus pass sneakily slipped through it where it could not be seen. Sneaky.

Not saying that this happened to me or anything…

This week I’ve been experimenting with different breakfasts. There have been some successes and some major flops but I survived for the most part. You see, I’ve always believed that breakfast needs to be really filling, satisfying and amongst all other things quick. I don’t have all that much time in the mornings because I am high maintenance and use 50 million different moisturisers, straighten my hair and apply make up. Oh and I have to decide what I’m wearing that day. You know, the important stuff. So when it comes to breakfast, it needs to be made and eaten within half and hour.

For the past few years, that go to breakfast has always been porridge/oatmeal. It’s always been filling, satisfying, relatively quick and I knew that I couldn’t really go wrong with it so I stuck with it. More often that not I actually craved it as well. However for the past few months my oatmeal cravings have been somewhat absent. I don’t know if it’s because of my flavour combinations, the texture or both but I just can’t get excited about it anymore. Yet the thought of turning to something else has always brought along some anxiety with it because what if that something else doesn’t provide me with the same full-belly feeling that oatmeal always has? What if I ate cereal for breakfast and it didn’t hold me over? WHAT IF I HAD TO HAVE A SNACK? Oh blimey, the horror. What’s wrong with that anyway?

Well, it was time to experiment.

Here is what I have turned to:

Cornflakes, banana & soy milk.

The verdict? Delicious, simple and quick. But this didn’t hold me over for long.


Toasted muesli, bran flakes with yoghurt and soy milk alongside.

Delicious, chewy, filling and quick but the dried fruit in this doesn’t agree with me due to my fructose intolerance. I could pick it out but that takes time.



Pancakes with maple syrup, lemon juice, strawbs and yoghurt.

The How can there be anything wrong with pancakes?! They’re tasty, filling, delicious but…yes, but…they take too long to make…


Cheerios with a banana and chocolate soy milk.

These were so good! They are high in sugar so they do give me a buzz. That could be due to the chocolate soy milk but whatever. I’ve tried them with both plain and chocolate soy milk and I do like these. The only problem I have is that they take aaaaaages to go soggy. Like today, I had cheerios for brekkie poo (yes, I just said brekkie poo) and it wasn’t until I ate the VERY last cheerio that they were actually starting to go soft. #soggycerealfail

Plain oats topped with seeds, strawberries, maple syrup, milk & yoghurt.

Yeah, I did go back to oats. I was thinking that maybe if I made them on the stove that I would get into them again. You know, different textures and all. The verdict? They were aight.

Golden syrup eggy oats topped with banana, soy milk and yoghurt.

I tried the eggy oats. They were aight.

I think I’m going to go on an oatmeal break. For now, I’m going to start exploring my options. I’m thinking thick smoothies, cereal and toast will be in my breakfast future.

What is your favourite breakfast at the moment?

Do you have a favourite bowl that you eat oatmeal/cereal out of?


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  1. Luckily, I haven’t gotten tired of eating oats for breakfast yet, because I really have no idea what else I would eat. Pancakes, probably, or maybe cereal. I used to really worry that it wouldn’t fill me up, but I’ve been having it for dinner lately, and as long as I pimp it out with some Greek yogurt, fruit, and trail mix/nut butter, then it seems to do a pretty good job. How about scrambled eggs and toast? Or french toast! Orrrr… waffles? You can’t go wrong with any breakfast foods, really, they’re all delicious 😀

  2. I used to only eat Weetbix (with too much brown sugar obviously) for breakfast. Branching out is so much fun and those pancakes look noms.

  3. We are totally different when it comes to morning routine 😀
    I pretty much focus on breakfast, coffee and reading blogs when I wake up, and then, the last 10 min I have, I rush with getting dressed, brushing teeth and all that. And pretty much no make up for me 🙂
    However, I do like good breakfasts, but somehow, nothing fills me up before lectures! It’s easier when I’m on holidays, like now, but seriously, every breakfast before a lecture leaves me empty an hour later! Must be all that brain work 🙂
    How about you try some savory breakfasts? They keep me full a bit longer. Maybe some toast with scrambled eggs (it really doesn’t take long to scramble them), or a cheese sandwich. Or maybe some good old plain bread with butter and honey. That’s delicious too! Heh, I’ll probably have the same problem in a month, so please do come up with a good solution 😀

  4. Favorite breakfast at the moment – super thick banana oats (KAth style). When it comes to me and oats it’s really a texture thing.
    Cereals work for me when I eat them with a BUNCH of yogurt (but due to my lactose intolerance that’s not usually such a great idea) and banana – then they hold me over ok – otherwise they’re much better as a snack.

    Have you tried eggs for breakfast (scrambled eggs and toast for instance)? Eggs are usually fairly quick and easy to make – and although I’m not 100% fan of savory breakfasts they are my go to when I need to make something really quick and filling,

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Maple oats and dark chocolate dreams. I think ive been eating that every morning for about a year or so. Rut? I dont care! I like it…

    Dana xo

  6. Yum! I love eating oats for breakfast! I’ve been having them for breakfast every morning for a few weeks now and havent gotten tired of them yet 🙂 I like topping them with differents fruits, nuts, cereal or nut butter 🙂 Oats are soo filling and keep me full longer than other breakfast foods!
    I like eating out of my pink and white bowl every morning. It’s big enough to fit all my oatmeal and toppings.. I tend to go a little crazy with toppings 😀

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