Irish Funny Man for Breakfast

No not really.

Howdy hey, my amazing friends! 

Thank you for your kind responses on this post. It’s a shame that so many of us feel pressure to look a certain way but I like to believe that we look the way we do for a reason. So let’s be kind to our bodies and treat them with the utmost respect, mmkay?

I have had a pretty awesome week. Do you know this guy?

Dylan Moran!


If you don’t know who Dylan Moran is then you have not experienced life. There, I said it. If that is the case, let me give you the low down.

He is Irish.

Enough said………………………………Naaah, just kidding. 

He is a comedian who has starred in a very funny little show called Black Books and has popped up in movies such as Run Fat Boy Run and Shaun of the Dead. Let’s just say if you haven’t seen any of that, you are missing out.

Tuesday this week, I went to see him live. Oh. My. Fibula. It was so hilarious!! You can watch some of his stuff on YouTube if you don’t believe me. It was almost the best day of my life. I was so sad when it was over!

[Cue change of topic here]


So, this week has been an interesting week breakfast food-wise. I haven’t been craving oatmeal at all which is strange for me. Perhaps it’s the change in weather or the fact that there are only so many times that you can have the same kind of oats for breakfast in the morning, but it was time for a change.

Dun duuuuuunnn.

Toasted Muesli with branflakes and strawbz.

My dear friend makes this muesli for me of which I am forever grateful! But I don’t enjoy it high and dry ’cause that’s just gross. 

Why that's yoghurt and more strawbz.

And there was soy milk on the side as well. I can’t just have yoghurt and cereal. I like my cereal soggy, thank you very much. I have to say that this change of pace at breakfast has certainly gone down a treat and it saves me about 5 minutes in the morning which is very much needed. It takes me about 2 hours to get ready in the mornings for work. That is, I shower (sometimes wash my hair, sometimes not), make my lunch, make breakfast, eat breakfast, get into my uncomfy tight pants, slap on some make up and head out the door. Luckily, I start work at 9:30 so I don’t have to get up at stupid o’clock. 6:30 is stupid enough for me.

What have you been enjoying for breakfast lately?

If you have oats, how do you have them? I need some new ideas!!! Also, does putting egg whites in oats make them taste overpoweringly eggy? Or is there just a hint?

Do you share my love for Dylan Moran?


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  1. I can’t say that I share your love for Dylan Moran because I’ve only ever seen him in Run Fat Boy Run and Shaun of the Dead, but he seems like a funny guy. I’ve only ever been to one live comedy show, and that was to see Dane Cook, who used to be my absolute favorite comedian until he kind of sold out. Still, he’s got some hilarious stuff that I’d recommend checking out if you need a good laugh 🙂

    And girl, egg white oats will change your LIFE. I wouldn’t say they’re overly eggy, especially if you add banana… then you can’t taste the egg at all. And they become so fluffy and cakey. Omigosh. I love having it with almond butter and chocolate pudding. Favorite breakfast that I can’t get enough of.

  2. recoveringfree

    Two words: Breakfast burrito 🙂 ❤

  3. I’ve totally and completely gone off porridge lately. I don’t know why. But that’s OK cos cereal totally rocks my world at the moment.

    Dylan Moran is amazing!! I’m going to see him tonight and can’t wait 😀

  4. wwo i have never heard of that dude! but im irish! i have an irish passport! 🙂 ive been having oats lately! LVOEEEeeeelkjlkdjflsjd LOVE THEM!

  5. Ive never heard of putting egg whites in oats before! Interesting!
    I always like any cereal with some yoghurt and cinnamon. And sometimes, i like to have a sliced nectarine or something…lush 🙂

  6. mmmm Muesli 😀 Hope you have a great day today!


  7. i actually had musli for dinner with greek yogurt, nanners, and pb! YUM..i add some sweetener and put it in the freezer for like 20 mins…idk im weird…haha

  8. Lenna (veganlenna)

    I definitely share your love for Dylan Moran – he is my fave guy ever! He is so funny, and I have to say I like his looks as well 🙂 Black books is the best TV serie ever made!
    My breakfast has been the same for more than three years – oatmeal! Boring? Maybe. Tasty? Definitely! 🙂 I love adding various fruits, nuts, nut butters, seeds, coconut, cocoa beans, coffee, boiling oatmeal in rooibos tea, making overnight oats, baked oatmeal, blended oatmeal…so many variations 🙂

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