My Goodies

Not those kinds of goodies…

But those goodies that you have when you win a Nestlé Hamper kind of goodies.

I’ve never won much in my life. In fact when it comes to winning I’m one of the most unluckiest people out there. Well, until recently, of course. You see, I enter a lot of online competitions in the hope that maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to win something. Guys, this year I’ve won FOUR competitions! I’m not rubbing it in your face or anything *rubs all over your face*, but I’ve also found a total of about $30 just lying on the streets for lil ole me to pick up. Not all at once but bit by bit. Let’s see what I won, shall we?

Can we say, "box of yums"?

It’s full of lactose filled goodies! Unfortunately, I canno’ have a lot of what is in here. Having said that, I am able to enjoy bits of milk chocolate here and there but a bit too much and…well…let’s just say stay clear of Katy. Here’s a list of the goods: Pixie caramel, Milk Bar Milk & Cookies block, an Aero bar, Milo, Wonka Rasberry Twisters, Condensed cream & onion soup mix (to make onion dip), a free Nestlé mug, a bowl (<—thought that was a bit random), Uncle Toby’s Golden Syrup Oats, rice cooker Thai Green Curry, Instant coffee, Mocha & Cappuccino sachets, a Kit Kat, a packet of Milkos (I’ve never heard of these before in my life) and some barley sugars that I promptly gave to my Dad. I don’t know about you but I’m not one for barley sugars. They are like a sharp knife to my gums for starters.

I was so excited when this came! I now have a mug that I can take to work. There is nothing better than receiving a box full of free stuff.

Surprisingly, I haven’t even touched it yet. Why?

Because I have all of this to get through this stash of goodies first…

Dammit, my camera sucks.

This, my friends, is chocolate sent to me from two very generous and amazing people in the land of the United Kingdom. Thank you so, so much for your generosity. Believe you me, I am enjoying it a lot 😉

Do you have a secret stash of goodies?

Do you win  a lot of competitions?

Last but not least, what’s your favourite kind of chocolate?


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  1. Gosh, you really are a lucky monkey!

    I like the new blog and I’m totally looking forward to reading more.
    And my favorite type of chocolate is dark, preferably over the 70% mark. Although I enjoy a peice of milk chocolate with almonds as well 😉

  2. Hey beautiful, I have missed you.
    Love the new layout 🙂
    Love for YOU xxxx

  3. I need your luck! I never win anything either, but I sure wouldn’t mind winning some goodies like that. My favorite kind of chocolate bar used to be Twix… that is, before they added the “may contain traces of peanuts” label to it and took my love away from me 😦 But it’s okay. There’s still plenty of chocolate loving going on in these parts. I really enjoy dark chocolate… something rich around 70% is good for me 😀 And as for secret stashes… lol I’m always hiding things away so other people don’t steal them from me.

  4. Milkos are one of my childhood favourites !! Maybe they are an Aussie thing? Most kids preferred ‘Redskins’, the so politically correct(!) red version of them. They used to cost 5 cents, probably more like 50 cents now… I must go on a milko quest. Be interested to hear what you think.

    I hide chocolate in my desk drawer both at home at in my office at uni. Although perhaps this is more so I don’t have to walk all the way down the corridor when I need some calming cocoa vibes?


    • OooOOOoo that would explain a lot. Yes they probably would be an Aussie thing. You darn silly Aussies 😉

      I think that if a female doesn’t have a secret stash of chocolate wherever she goes then there is seriously something wrong :\

  5. Beautiful new blog and love the name-super sweet 🙂
    And yes, a huge stash of larabars/dark chocolate is sitting in my desk right now 😛

  6. All of a sudden I really want a chocolate bar *goes off to find one downstairs*

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